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Since its launch in 2020, Whiskey Gift has become the go-to online destination for Irish whiskey enthusiasts. By offering an online whiskey builder on their site, Irish whiskey fans can blend and send their own whiskey online.

The founder had an idea to demystify the blending of Irish whiskey and give power back to whiskey fans. The goal was to create a site that let people combine own flavours to create their ideal whiskey. Rather than encouraging people to settle for mainstream whiskeys, Whiskey Gift let people experiment and find their perfect blend.

WebSell’s challenge was to turn this idea into a functional e-commerce site where blending whiskey online was intuitive and responsive.

The Value of Expression

Ernest Cantillon has been involved in the alcohol and entertainment industry in Ireland for over 15 years, setting up and running many popular pubs and restaurants in Cork city. Throughout his businesses, Ernest believes in letting people have fun by expressing themselves.

Ernest been working with alcohol in a variety of ways in his career (even helping to co-found a spirits distributor). Ernest wanted to share the technical aspects of creating alcohol which he enjoys with everyone. That’s where the idea of Whiskey Gift came from.

County Cork in Ireland has a long and storied tradition of making whiskey, with many worldwide brands distilling throughout the county. Ernest wanted to share this age-old tradition with everyone; to give them the ultimate insight into making whiskey by letting them make their own whiskey online.

I wanted to let people express themselves with our business by making their own personal whiskey. There’s such a fine balance to what flavours work well together that I thought people would love to experiment for themselves. Of course, we’re always there to help them create their perfect blend too.

Ernest Cantillon, Founder of Whiskey Gift

Innovative Solution for a Unique Product

Whiskey Gift doesn’t sell traditional products. The whiskey bottles it sells online are those blended by its customers on the product page. This means that every product is unique, just like their online whiskey builder.

As well as creating a fully functioning ecommerce site, WebSell additionally needed to create a tool on the site that allowed customers to choose from 12 different flavours (finishes) and combine them until their bottle is filled. WebSell created a solution where the customer could see their bottle being filled in real-time as they added their liquid. Check out the whiskey builder in action below.

Being able to visualize the bottle as it’s filled was amazing and added a real layer of interactivity that we wanted. WebSell’s design team met the brief head-on and delivered an excellent tool for our customers.

Ernest Cantillon, Founder of Whiskey Gift

Whiskey for the Modern Consumer

WebSell’s work on the Whiskey Gift site has allowed them to attract a new audience of whiskey connoisseurs who might not have been able to find a mainstream brand that they like. From an early-stage idea through to shipping bottles, WebSell was able to deliver at every step.

Furthermore, WebSell also delivered on the business identity, logo creation, and marketing services to help the business get started online and build an early audience for the brand.

As a result, Whiskey Gift is now established as a real voice in the whiskey scene in Ireland, and is building a strong following on social media where people share their unique blends.

There are lots of established whiskey brands to choose from already out there, but there are infinitely more blend combinations possible. I wanted to give this power to whiskey fans to let them try to find their own blend, or put a personal touch on a special gift for someone.

Ernest Cantillon, Founder of Whiskey Gift

Before WebSell, Ernest had been put off by the complexity of the idea behind the business. By contacting WebSell, Ernest was able to realise his dream and share his passion for blending whiskey with everyone.

The feedback from our customers and friends is what makes it all worth it. I’ve had nothing but positive comments from people who’ve tried our whiskey and that’s what it’s all about really.

Ernest Cantillon, Founder of Whiskey Gift

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